Zolpidem 10 mg (Ambien)

Zolpidem 10 mg (Ambien)

Zolpidem is a sedative-hypnotic medication that is used to treat insomnia in adults. The tablet is well tolerated and commonly known under the brand name Ambien, with an 80% plus success rate among patients worldwide. Just like Zopiclone, Zolpidem tartrate is also is a non-benzodiazepine from the Z drug family of medicine.

What is Zolpidem (Ambien)?

Zolpidem tartrate, also known as brand Ambien, is a short-term option recommended when treating sleeping difficulties such as insomnia. The tablet effectively helps patients who experience problems falling asleep, staying asleep through the night and in some cases both. Studies show that the medication helps to decrease the time it would normally take patients to fall asleep, which can be as little as fifteen to twenty minutes after ingestion. This is ideal for a quality night's rest and helps to eliminate additional anxiety relating to sleep efficiency (proportion of time in bed versus the time actually asleep).

How to Take Zolpidem Safely

There is great emphasis on the need to take the medication as recommended for best results. The same can be said of all FDA approved medications. The below practices can be followed when taking the Ambien pill for optimal usage benefits:

  • Users must not increase the recommended course duration or the dosage of the medication as this can lower efficacy as well as induce adverse effects.
  • The tablet can be taken with or without a meal, however experts recommend that patients refrain from consuming high fat meals before taking their dose. This can adversely affect or slow down the absorption rate of the tablet.
  • Tablets must not be crushed, broken or chewed as this can also lead to the onset of unwanted effects.

Benefits of Zolpidem Sleeping Tablets

Studies have shown that sleep is just as important as exercise. Poor sleep increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Continuous lack of sleep is also linked to depression and can increase inflammation in the body. Zolpidem therefore plays a valuable role in reducing further health complications such as these, due to its high efficacy rate in treating sleep disorders. Other benefits include:

  • The use of Ambien not only helps patients initiate sleep, but also develop a healthy sleep pattern moving forward.
  • The medication positively affects the stages of sleep, which ensures the user does not wake up at intervals during the night.
  • Zolpidem helps eliminate symptoms associated with sleep deprivation like mood swings, impaired concentration and reduced ability to perform daily tasks.
  • The composition and structure of zolpidem tablets ensure patients are less prone to rebound insomnia. Rebound insomnia often occurs when people stop using sleeping pills - they tend to experience insomnia for a day or two before normal sleep resumes.
  • The treatment was approved by the Food and Drug Administration board, which ensures the tablet is both quality produced and safe to use.
  • The tablets cause a positive domino effect, which decreases stress levels and toxins released by the body due to a loss of sleep.
  • The tablet is classed as a short term treatment, which means tolerance is avoided and results are immediate when used as intended.
  • The pill has been found to provide lasting benefits following two to six weeks of treatment.
  • Patients can experience effects just 30 minutes after taking a tablet, with benefits lasting six to eight hours (normal sleep duration).

Zolpidem Side Effects

Zolpidem is a well-tolerated treatment, however as with any other medication, side effects can be experienced in a small group of people. Below are a few more common, tolerable side effects that could occur with Ambien for sleep:

  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Diarrhoea
  • Tiredness

If experienced, side effects are mild, tolerable and disappear on their own. It should be noted that side effects can be avoided if the tablet is administered according to recommended dosage, and provided contraindications or precautions are fully acknowledged or adhered to.

Are Zolpidem Sleeping Tablets Safe?

This medication is a trusted treatment that helps patients achieve uninterrupted sleep with a 70-80% success rate, conservatively. However, as with any medication, there are certain instances where zolpidem use is discouraged. Below are primary instances when zolpidem sleeping pills should not be taken:

  • Experts suggest that patients who are breastfeeding mothers or in their last trimester of pregnancy refrain from using the treatment. The tablet can however be used in earlier stages of pregnancy, only if there is no other alternative.
  • Patients who cannot accommodate a full seven to eight hours of sleep should refrain from taking zolpidem as the medication's effects will still be present in the body after awakening. This can cause daytime drowsiness and impaired concentration levels.
  • This medication cannot be taken by children or minors under the age of 18.

Before you Buy Zolpidem Tartrate

A zolpidem dose depends on several factors like the severity or type of sleep disorder being treated, age or gender of the patient and current or previously experienced illnesses or medical conditions. The common starting dose when taking zolpidem is a single 5mg to 10mg tablet that should be consumed immediately before a patient's intended bedtime. This dose can only be taken once in a 24-hour period and not again during the course of the night.

Care must be taken when administering zolpidem tartrate to users over the age of 65 years. Such users are particularly sensitive to the effects of the Ambien drug. Professionals recommend that these patients opt for the lower starting dose of 5mg, where one tablet can be split in half. In the event that some other central nervous depressant has to be combined with zolpidem, the dose of the tablet will have to be adjusted to accommodate the CNS medication. Users who have been using Ambien for sleep for more than a week should also refrain from altering their doses unnecessarily. If tolerance is good and change is required, then do so gradually. It is imperative that the medication is not abruptly stopped, as this can result in adverse effects and possible withdrawal symptoms.

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