Although classed medically as a benzodiazepine, this medication is slightly different in chemical structure. Etizolam was first patented in 1972 but was not approved for use until 1983. This medication is primarily used to treat anxiety disorders and sleeping problems including insomnia.

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What Etizolam 1 mg Tablets Are Used to Treat

Throughout extensive studies, Etizolam was much more effective than a placebo at reducing anxiety and symptoms of depression, especially when the symptoms exhibited were physical. This medication is effective for different anxiety disorders, including;

  • GAD - Generalised anxiety disorder
  • OCD - Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • PTSD - Post-traumatic stress disorder

Treatments may extend into other types of anxiety, dependent on the individual case. This medication can also be used to treat all different types of insomnia including anxiety-induced insomnia.

Is Etizolam 1 mg Safe for Everyone?

When the correct dosages are followed and not exceeded, this medication is completely safe to use. The recommended daily maximum is 3mg and the duration of action is 6-8 hours which starts 30-60 minutes after oral administration. For this reason, people should allow an 8hr window between their dosage times to let the last dose effectively wear off.

Those pregnant or breastfeeding should not use Etizolam since it might harm the unborn child. This medication should be used with caution by older individuals especially those 65 or over, due to an increased risk of adverse effects and delays in metabolic rate.

Etizolam 1 mg Side Effects

Before being approved for use in therapy, this medication underwent extensive testing and trialling. Additionally, the fact that Etizolam has been used clinically since 1983 shows how the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. This medicine does have certain side effects which include;

Most of the time, these side effects will subside in strength and wear off when the medication has been given enough time to be expelled from the body. If they do continue for a long period, a doctor should be called for advice. For a full list of all side effects refer to the patient information leaflet.

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