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Get Your Free Tablets & Delivery with Bitcoin Today!

Use your MasterCard or Visa to purchase Bitcoin, and receive bonus pills and shipping absolutely free!

  • Purchase 30 pills to enjoy free delivery!
  • Purchase 60 pills to enjoy 10 extra tablets and free delivery!
  • Purchase 90 pills to enjoy 20 extra tablets and free delivery!
  • Purchase 120 pills to enjoy 30 extra tablets and free delivery!


  • Purchase over 140 pills and enjoy 40 extra tablets and free delivery!

Bitcoin: What Exactly is it?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be transferred worldwide instantly. This digital currency is fully decentralized with untraceable transactions.

To begin buying Bitcoin, all that you need is a valid ID, an active email address and a smartphone or computer

The steps outlined below will have you benefiting from those free pills and free shipping in just a few short minutes anywhere in the world!

Setup Your Bitcoin Wallet in Just Minutes

  • With your identification in hand (passport/driving license) make your way to the Coinbase signup page and create your free bitcoin account
  • Follow the prompts given after beginning the signup process. After uploading your identification for verification, add your Visa or MasterCard to buy Bitcoin.
  • You can now add Bitcoin to your wallet by using your Visa or MasterCard.

Finalize Your Order with a Bitcoin Payment

This step is very simple. After you have reached the payment options section of the order, select pay with Bitcoin. We will send an email sharing out Bitcoin wallet address with instructions to complete payment.

The Extended Benefits When Paying with Bitcoin

There are further benefits of paying with Bitcoin than free shipping and free pills. Bitcoin transactions are received instantly, allowing us to process your order even faster than those paid using bank transfers!

To add to this, payments with Bitcoin are sent right to our wallet. This means your bank will not see your purchase made, only the transaction made to purchase Bitcoin through Coinbase.

Still Unsure? Here are Some Helpful Video Tutorials

There are many helpful voices on YouTube who are posting great videos helping people begin their plunge into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. These videos will help you with setup, the verification process, and how to send the receive your crypto transactions. Take a moment to watch these helpful videos:

Video 1: How To Create & Verify Coinbase Account Instantly

Video 2: Coinbase Sign Up: How To Create/Open Coinbase Account 2022 (for iPhone)

Video 3: Coinbase Learn: How to send crypto

In Need of Further Assistance? We've got you

If you are still unsure of how to go about the process of paying with Bitcoin, we are here to further assist you. On our website, you can contact customer service 24 hours per day via the live chat feature and customer hotline. We can also be reached through email. Do not hesitate to reach out anytime!

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