Painkillers come in a range of varieties and strengths, they are the most widely used medication across the globe, but often what is available over the counter is not strong enough. Conditions like neuralgia, migraines, and chronic pain conditions require high-strength medications that cost a lot of money and need a prescription to attain. Gaining access to clinically tested medications without a prescription allows patients freedom over their condition.

Online pharmacies offer a huge range of painkillers at rock-bottom prices. This is because instead of offering brand-name medicines that have expensive price tags, they stock only generic medications. Generic medications use the same formula as the branded versions, but do not need to go through the same research and development stage due to the patents having waivered.

How Do Painkillers Work?

Different painkillers work in varying ways. Essentially, there are 2 major mechanisms of action, 1 is to act as a central nervous system depressant. This limits the communication between pain receptors in the CNS and the brain, so fewer pain signals are received, and the result of this is less sensation of pain.

Opioid medications, such as morphine, work by binding to receptors on the membranes of neuronal cells to create their pharmacological effects, which include analgesia. This 2nd mechanism of action happens more in the brain and acts upon the mu-opioid receptors, which in turn inhibit neurotransmitters that are related to feelings of pain.

Painkillers Dosage Guide

Dosages for painkillers very much depend on the active ingredients that are the basis of the medication. Opioid medications need to be taken with more consideration due to their potential to cause an overdose. It is not recommended to mix opiates with alcohol or other analgesics unless discussed with a medical professional.

Factors like weight, gender, age, and health conditions will significantly contribute to what is the correct dosage for a patient. The food the patient has eaten before using the medication will also impact how quickly it is metabolised and how long its effects last. Be sure to check out the dosage guidance in the patient information leaflet if you are new to this medication.

Are Painkillers Safe?

Painkillers are safe when used responsibly and according to the guidelines set out by the manufacturer. People with a history of substance abuse need to exercise caution when taking pain medication and should generally speak to a doctor before beginning use. Using medications as part of a treatment plan reduces the risks of adverse reactions.

  • Itchiness
  • Dependence
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

See the Patient Information Leaflet for more comprehensive details about side effects and contraindications.

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