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Our website is an e-pharmacy that engages in the sale of medication for the treatment of insomnia. If you are using this website, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions stated below. If you don’t understand any of the terms and conditions described in the following disclaimer and relevant paragraphs, contact us for further clarification. Note that only people older than 18 years of age are permitted to purchase any products sold on this website.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the content here without any notice. It is advised that you save a copy of the current terms and conditions each time you place an order, or read up frequently in case amendments are made. The points or disclaimers outlined below do not affect the laws surrounding the purchase of online medication in your country of residence.

Medical Disclaimer

While the information provided on the product pages and blogs of this website regarding sleep disorders is well-researched and accurate to the best of our knowledge, the information does not replace the advice or expert opinion of health-care professionals, nor should it be used for self-diagnosis purposes.

We are not liable for the misinterpretation of the information we provide, or for the misuse of the products we distribute. Potential customers are strongly advised to do research on products they are considering buying before making a purchase, as this will enable them to make an informed decision when purchasing their medication.

Information that might be useful in approaching the purchasing of treatment responsibly might include details pertaining to the dosage, use, precautions, side effects and contraindications associated with the drug you are wanting to purchase. Becoming familiar with the nature of the medication you are intending to use is necessary not only as a precaution, but also to ensure maximum benefit is derived from the use of said product.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the product information provided on this website, without notice. Such changes may relate to the pricing, product specific content, and/or the range of products available. The company does not accept responsibility for changes in price that result from fluctuations in the exchange rate. In circumstances where you have already ordered and paid for your requested product, this will not affect you. However, future transactions on this platform will be affected.

Any medication bought on this website is for personal use only and is not to be sold to any third-party. We also accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from the misuse of any of the products.

Some countries have restrictions or taxes regarding the medication that is permitted to enter –we are therefore not responsible for the confiscation of products, delays or additional charges owing to customs laws or local regulations in your territory of receipt.

Customers are advised to research the relevant laws and by-laws of the countries / localities they fall in or are governed by.

Order Rejection

We reserve the right to reject an order. If you think that your order was unfairly rejected, you can use the Contact Us page to inquire further. Orders can be rejected on the following grounds:

  • A) If the information provided by the customer is inaccurate or incorrect.
  • B) Information provided on the website about the requested medication is not an accurate reflection of the price or description of the product.
  • C) The medicine requested is not in stock or is no longer sold by the company

Order Cancellation or Changes

Except in circumstances where payment hasn’t been processed or your order has not yet been dispatched, orders cannot be canceled. If you wish to make changes to your order, you can do so by using the Contact Us page provided on the website. While trying to assist as best as possible, we reserve the right to reject requests to change an order, depending on the specific circumstances of the case in question.

Delivery Information

We offer a door-to-door delivery service when an order is made, to the address specified on your order form. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to find out about the delivery policies and regulations in their country of residence to avoid any unexpected complications or fees.

Certain medications are also not sold to some countries - this will be indicated to you when you submit your order. Any additional fees relating to delivery, such as shipping and handling fees depend on the laws in your country of residence, and are usually determined by the weight of your package. You may also be required to pay fees for customs clearance. Any such fees and related charges will be paid by the customer.

We specify an estimated delivery time for all orders placed on this website. These are rough estimates that do not take unforeseen circumstances that may cause valid delays, into account. This includes incorrect details submitted by client, such as misspell delivery address. We will essentially not be held accountable for any delays or late deliveries that are not within the control of the company. The company further reserves the right to send orders in separate shipments.

Once the product is in the possession of the customer, provided payment is complete, it is no longer the property of the company. The company does not accept responsibility for misuse after delivery, or any damage to or loss of the contents of the delivery once it is in the possession of the customer.


If your order is delivered to you and is incomplete or damaged, or if the information provided on the website was not an accurate reflection of the product that was delivered, contact customer care on the Contact Us page and the matter will be investigated further. For more information regarding the refund policy, visit the Return and Refunds Policy page.

For more information regarding our Terms and Conditions, contact our online pharmacy via the Contact Us page. Also refer to these terms frequently as they may be updated periodically, without prior notice.

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