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Anxiety is the most commonly experienced mental health problem; studies suggest that roughly 30% of adults will be affected by an anxiety disorder at some stage in their lives. With so many people trying to tackle this issue, it is not always easy to get therapy. Anxiety medication is used to relieve symptoms of anxiety in sufferers and usually requires a prescription to purchase, regardless of whether it is used to treat GAD, OCD, or PTSD.

Online pharmacies have changed the way many people with anxiety disorders go about purchasing anxiety medication. This is because online chemists offer quality, generic medications, delivered directly to the customer without the need for a prescription. The fact that they have bigger buying power and offer generic medications means that the prices are much lower than traditional pharmacies.

How Does Anxiety Medication Work?

There are many different types of anxiety medication and all of them have slightly different ways of affecting users. Below is a list of the most used anxiety medications and how they work.

  • Antidepressants lessen anxiety by boosting the levels of the neurotransmitters that the brain uses to communicate Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are some of these neurotransmitters.
  • Benzodiazepines work by enhancing the effects of the brain chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid and lessen the symptoms of anxiety. It is thought that anxiety or other psychiatric problems can result from the brain being in an overactive state and GABA is a calming neurochemical.

Anxiety Medication Dosage Guide

The specific dosage will depend on the exact anxiety medication being used as a treatment. In general, they are used 1-3 times a day, morning, afternoon and before bed. Dosage often depends on the severity of the condition being treated, someone with a condition like PTSD will typically need a stronger dose than someone who experiences mild symptoms of anxiety from time to time.

It is always best to start on the lowest dose possible and build until the desired effect is reached. Effective dosage will depend on age, weight, and gender. Be sure to do some research before starting a new form of treatment as this reduces the risks.

Is Anxiety Medication Safe?

When using these medications according to the guidelines set out by the manufacturer, they are safe to use. They should be included in a treatment plan that focuses on changes to diet and exercise to best treat the causes of anxiety and not just the symptoms.

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