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We strive to ensure the satisfaction of all customers. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please read our refund / returns policy herein for more insight on what options you have available. This policy contains details on the process to follow and associated conditions, in the event of requesting such a refund or return.

Refund Policy

Our website stocks and delivers its products from a controlled environment to ensure the highest possible standards and quality. For this reason, we cannot offer a refund on an order once it has left our manufacturers storage facility. However, there are exceptions and refunds will need to be assessed on a case by case basis. If you would like to know if your order qualifies for a refund, please contact our customer services department and read on below for more details.

Returns Policy

If you would like to return your medication, we will need to verify that the quality of the medication is in fact inferior, product items were missing or damaged. It is also the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that all details are correct when placing an order. We cannot refund an order where incorrect details have been supplied, such as shipping address.

Summary - Conditions when a Refund or Return may be Considered

  • The incorrect package or product arrives
  • The contents are damaged and noted upon arrival
  • The quantity paid for arrives short
  • Correct details have been submitted, but the shipment has not arrived due to a problem with the courier company or some form of negligence void of the client

Important Considerations

  • Once you identify a problem with your order you must report it immediately or within 24 hours of receiving the product
  • Contact customer care via email or the contact form and provide full details describing the issue
  • Refunds and returns will be nullified or not be processed if the customer continues to use the product that is supposed to be short / damaged / defective
  • Products must be returned within a week of arrival – Customer care will arrange with the courier company to collect the package and our customer care team will investigate further
  • Upon successful verification of necessary conditions, the refund or return request will be processed

Contact Us

If you have any further queries about Refund and Returns terms, or wish to find out if you qualify, or need assistance on requesting same, kindly contact Customer Care. You should regularly read up on this page for latest updates, as amendments may be made without prior notice. Also, read up on Terms and Conditions relating to use of this website.

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