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Zopiclone Side Effects & Dosage Guidelines

It has been recently estimated that as many as 16 million adults are suffering from sleepless nights. While the vast majority of people have already been to their doctor and are receiving treatment, finding new information about the range of medication available is not so easy. Everyone knows that the internet is a virtual ocean of information, but it is not always simple to discover the particular drop of wisdom you are looking for.

Our FAQ page includes the most important information such as: safe usage, how to order, and correct dosage. If you have a question that has not been covered, we also have a dedicated team to answer any questions you may have about the products available on our website.

Our customer service representatives are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and are waiting to assist you with your order.


When should I take zopiclone?

Zopiclone should be taken 30 minutes before planned sleep and should be swallowed whole with a glass of water. It should not be crushed, chewed or sucked.

How long does zopiclone take to work?

Zopiclone takes 30 – 60 minutes to begin working on average. Taking the medication on an empty stomach can speed up the onset time whereas taking the medication after a heavy meal may delay the onset time.

What are the side effects of taking zopiclone?

Although Zopiclone is generally well tolerated side effects include, daytime drowsiness, lightheadedness, dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, upset stomach and a bitter taste. Patients are advised to consult with a medical professional if the side effects continue.

Does zopiclone cause weight gain / loss?

Lack of sleep and late night snacking is often associated with weight gain. When patients regulate their sleep with zopiclone they are able to maintain a regular sleep schedule which can help with weight loss.

How many zopiclone can you take a night?

The normal dosage of zopiclone for sleep is one 7.5mg tablet per night. This medication should only be taken as directed by a medical professional and the dosage should not be increased without prior consultation.

Can you overdose on zopiclone?

Yes, it is possible to overdose on zopiclone. As this medication is a sedative, patients are advised to only take this medication in the dosage prescribed.

How long does zopiclone last?

Zopiclone lasts for 6 – 8 hours on average. Patients are advised to minimize activities and to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery during this time.

Can you drink on zopiclone?

No, patients are strongly advised to avoid drinking alcohol when taking Zopiclone. As both alcohol and zopiclone cause drowsiness patients may experience difficulty breathing and waking up.

Does zopiclone help anxiety?

Simply put yes, Zopiclone can help with anxiety. As this medication eases tension and promotes feelings of relaxed calmness it helps relieve anxiety.

Is Imovane the same as zopiclone?

Yes, as zopiclone is the generic name for the branded medication Imovane they are both exactly the same. Generic medications are required by law to have the same quality, dosage form, route of administration, safety profile and performance as the branded medication.

Is zopiclone safe during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to take this medication if you are pregnant. Pregnant woman with difficulty sleeping should consult with a medical professional before taking this medication.

How to come off zopiclone safely?

Patients are advised to implement a treatment plan that includes a tapering off period. This is when the dosage of the medication is gradually reduced until it is no longer required.

Is zopiclone a controlled drug?

Yes, Zopiclone is a class C controlled drug and is available on prescription in some countries. Patients who already know the dosage to treat their condition can buy Zopiclone online.

Will zopiclone fail a drug test?

No, although this medication can be detected in urine for up to 48 hours, drug tests do not usually indicate zopiclone.

How long does zopiclone stay in your system?

Zopiclone stays in the system for about 12 hours and can be detected in urine for up to 48 hours.

Can you take alprazolam and zopiclone together?

Although taking alprazolam and zopiclone together is usually not recommended it may be required in some circumstances. It should be noted that the side effects and risks associated with these medications can be increased when taken together.

Are zopiclone tablets safe to use?

The medication we sell has been regulated by the FDA. This means that, provided you follow the dosage instructions and take care to observe the contraindications, they are safe to consume. Most people do not experience side effects when taking this medication, but it is possible that you may experience some mild side effects such as confusion, dry mouth, changes in taste, difficulty with co-ordination and clumsiness, to name a few. To know what to expect, you can read up about the side effects on this website. It’s important to be aware that this medication is best used for short-term treatment of insomnia. If you use these tablets for longer than 3-4 weeks, you may become addicted to them. If this is the case, you should consult your doctor to help you stop taking this medication without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Where can I get insomnia medication from?

You can buy this medication from any reputable pharmacy, but buying it online is the cheaper and more convenient option. Many people prefer buying medication online because they are sold without prescription and are far more affordable. Most reputable e-pharmacies offer fast and discreet delivery as well, which makes buying a lot easier.

What is the correct Zopiclone dosage?

Before taking this medication, you should speak to your doctor about the best treatment for your insomnia, considering your pre-existing physical condition. Normal dosage for healthy adults is one 7.5mg tablet that is taken before you go to bed, with a glass of water. However, if you are elderly, or have kidney or liver problems it is advisable to lower your dosage. This medication can be consumed with or without food.

Where can I get more information?

You can find all the information you need on this website, but if you want to know more, you can do further research online. When you buy medication from us, you will also find a patient information booklet provided in the packaging that can answer all your questions. Alternatively, browse our website or direct your questions to one of our knowledgeable customer support staff. They are available via the live chat service, or on the contact page, on a 24/7 basis.

What are the benefits of buying online?

Buying your medication online has many benefits that make your shopping experience quick, convenient and cost-effective. Here are some of the many benefits you can enjoy when you buy online:

  • save money by having access to some of the best deals, especially if you buy your medication in larger quantities
  • avoid the hassle and expense of re-filling your prescriptions by buying online. We have a strictly prescription-free policy
  • enjoy access to an extensive range of approved products that are equivalent in quality to the medications you buy at a regular pharmacy
  • order your medication without leaving the comfort of your own home

Can I cancel my order?

Whether we give you a refund depends on when you cancel your order. If you request a cancellation before your order has been dispatched, it is possible to cancel. However, if your order has already been packaged and sent for dispatch, you will not be able to cancel it. For more information about our cancellation policy, click on the Terms and Conditions page.

How will I know when the expiry date is?

All our products are delivered with expiry dates clearly printed on the blister pack itself.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are not commonly experienced when taking this medication, and they can largely be avoided by following the dosage guidelines and adhering to the usage precautions. If experienced, side effects are usually short-lived and easily managed. You can find detailed information on the types of side effects to expect when you take these pills on our website, or on the insert that is included in the packaging. If you experience any severe side effects, or any side effects that are not included in the pamphlet, or if you think you have exceeded the recommended dosage, consult your health care provider immediately.

Is it safe to shop online?

While not all websites are safe to use, our website is fully encrypted to ensure that the credit card and personal information you provide is completely protected. We keep up-to-date with the latest developments in encryption technology. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, which includes making sure that your information is kept confidential. We never share customers information with third parties as well.

What if I still have questions?

Our professionally trained customer support team are on hand and ready to assist you any time of the day or night. Reach out to us via email, our contact us form or on our 24-hour customer hotline. We look forward to assisting you with your inquiry.

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